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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How old should a student be to start career exploring on Curricooler?

A student needs to be old enough to understand what a career is and what are the skills needed. We believe any child above the age of 12 can take up the Curricooler program.


2. How is career exploration different from career counselling?

One person talks about thousands of careers when he or she claims to be a career counsellor. Career exploration on Curricooler assures that there is an expert for each career space. This ensures that the student gets nothing but the best advice, not just an overview of the field.


3. How much will this cost?

Career counselling sessions cost atleast Rs.30000 but career exploration on Curricooler is priced very nominally. Every knowledge pack and course is priced anywhere between Rs. 300 and 500. And an annual pack with 10 fields is priced at just Rs. 1200

Other features like mentoring appointments and webinars cost anything between 100 and 500.


4. Can parents attend a workshop or webinar?

YES! We always invite parents and teachers to be a part of our sessions. We believe this is the best way for parents to get more involved in their child’s career decision making process.


5. My syllabus and school work is extensive. How much time will career exploration take?

Curricooler is designed keeping this factor in mind. A student can plan and career explore at a time that is convenient. There is no fixed time/ schedule. 


6. What if a student knows his/her dream career. How will Curricooler be able to help?

That is awesome! We are just here to guide. We will help student’s understand the pros and cons of the field. This will help them understand the sub-areas, job opportunities, future, developments in the sector and internship opportunities too.


7. Do you have psychometric tests to identify skills?

NO! We do not believe in psychometric tests because they are not scientifically accurate. No student can be compartmentalized based on a set of question and answers. We believe in experiential learning only.


8. Why does Curricooler have so many mentors on the platform?

One mentor per career path and sub-area. With over 12000+ careers out there we feel the pressing need to get all the experts on board at the earliest.


9. What path does a student follow when he/she gets onto the platform?

Students can begin by selecting the career exploration path. This can be done by either choosing courses separately or by taking up the annual pack. They can complete projects and apply for internships. After this step, students can book one-to-one mentoring sessions with the experts on Curricooler to better understand a field and its intricacies. In due course, a long-term mentoring plan may be availed in case the student is interested in gaining expertise in a particular area.

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