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We at Curricooler believe that equipping a student with a practical understanding of any subject is vital. Internships represent a fantastic method by which a keen student can enhance his/her understanding of the field and apply what they learn. The student will get to work with top professionals in the space and develops a strong grasp of fundamentals.

To know more about internships in a particular area please mail us on


Workshops and events are also a highly effective method to help foster better understanding of a field. At Curricooler, we plan to bring experts across various fields and design high-quality, curated, outcome-based workshops that not only seek to stoke interest in the field but will also stimulate the student to seek out more avenues to grow professionally and personally. If you need more information on upcoming workshops/events please mail us on


Curricooler provides students with the opportunity to visit experts and network with them to understand potential career paths through job shadowing.

A job shadow consists of “shadowing” an expert during a typical workday to develop career-related knowledge and skills. This helps students practically apply their learning and get a hands-on learning opportunity. A shadowing program also helps a student understand the intricacies of a field.

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